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Staub Cocotte Pumpkin - 3.5Qt - Gradiated Orange - 1112492
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Staub Cocotte Pumpkin - 3.5Qt - Gradiated Orange - 1112492
Enamelled Cast Iron: Retains and evenly diffuses heat. Enamelled inside and out. The more you use the product, the better it gets.

Easy To Clean: Wash using hot water, dishwashing soap and a natural sponge. Dishwasher safe.

Self-Basting Spikes: Under the lid, these spikes allow continuous self-basting. They equally distribute the flavorful juices directly back on the food, not down the sides.

Knob: Brass knob is oven resistant up to 500°F

Interior: Black Matte Enameled interior provides genuine flavour. The more you use it, the better it gets! Oils used when cooking will penetrate the pores of the matte enamel and create a natural, smooth non-stick surface.

Bottom: Special, smooth enamel bottom usable on all heat sources

Lifetime Guarantee

Dimensions: 24 cm/9.5"

Capacity: 3.45 L./3.5 Qt

Color: Orange