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Monster Cable - THX Ultra 800 Component Video Cable 4Ft - V800 CV-4 - 113890
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Monster Cable - THX Ultra 800 Component Video Cable 4Ft - V800 CV-4 - 113890
Monster Cable - THX Ultra 800 Component Video Cable 4Ft - V800 CV-4 - 113890
Monster Ultra Component Video Interconnect 800 Ultra-High Performance: For Ultra-High Picture Resolution with Vibrant, Natural Color Ideal for HDTV and Other High Definition Video Sources

When You’re Serious About Home Theater You Need a High Performance Video Cable

Serious home theater isn’t just about watching movies-it’s about experiencing them. Achieving the best possible picture and sound means using the most advanced, highest definition cable. For Monster Cable, that meant making our best even better. The main criteria was performance-to create the world’s highest quality, most advanced line of home theater cable. So Monster joined forces with THX, the leader in audio/video quality assurance programs for select movie theaters, home theater components and DVDs. And a new breed of ultra-performance home theater cable was born.

Choosing the Right Video Connection

Component Video provides high quality video from most DVD players. Of course, your TV must also have three RCA Component Video connections. Also, true HDTV video quality (1080i resolution) and progressive scan (720p and 420p resolution) output is available when using Component Video. Other analog video connections, including Composite and S-Video, do not carry a true HDTV signal. And remember, Component Video cable doesn’t come with the TV.

Introducing Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Component Video Cable
Monster’s Ultra Series Component Video is the most advanced cable of its kind, outperforming high-quality S-Video. The video signal is separated into three precision channels of video information for enhanced richness and color accuracy that’s second to none.

Monster’s advanced video technologies including nitrogen gas-injected dielectric insulation and silver content solder connectors work together to deliver the clearest, sharpest picture possible with maximum color saturation and ultra-low attenuation. So whether you’re watching your favorite DVD or enjoying a TV program in high definition, Monster’s Ultra Series Component Video will deliver the sharpest, most detailed picture with vibrant natural color.
Features: Monster Cable - THX Ultra 800 Component Video Cable 4Ft - V800 CV-4 - 113890
800 Component Vide: Recommended for DVD, HDTV, Satellite or other high-performance Component Video applications

• Patented 8-Cut Turbine RCA Connector: For maximum signal transfer and secure connection that won’t vibrate loose

• Silver Content Solder Connections:
Accurate transfer of delicate low-level signals for improved high-frequency response

• Heavy-Duty Strain Relief:
Prevents connector damage caused by heavy use

• 24k Gold Contact Split-Tip Center Pin:
Provides a durable, corrosion-resistant connection with greater contact pressure

• Application-Specific Color Coding:
For easy, error free hookup

• Full-Coverage Double Shielding:
100% foil and 95% copper braid metal-to-metal shield rejects outside noise and signal interference

• Nitrogen (N2) Injected Dielectric:
For maximum signal strength even over long runs

• High-Purity Copper Coated Conductor:
Exceptional high-frequency response and ultra-low attenuation for improved performance