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Beka 1.8 Qt. Bain Marie - 12040154
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The BEKA Bain Marie is a double-walled pot that works according to the waterbath principle. You heat up the water in between the walls, and thus avoid boiling over or burning of the food you are heating up. The Bain Marie is suitable for all heat sources, including induction.
Diameter Reference Volume
16 cm 12040154 ca. 1.7 L
Perfect for preparing milky desserts and creamy sauces.

Very handy for melting chocolate without the risk of burning.

Ideal for heating baby food, sauces, milk and low fat foods, without the risk of burning or boiling over.

Cooking of rice and semolina dishes.

Re-heating of mashed potatoes or rice.

Defrosting of frozen food. Etc.

Attention! Never fill the lid with more than 1/4L of water! Always fill a Bain Marie with the correct amount of water. When too much water is poured in, it will squirt out when it is being heated. When the water is hot enough and ingredients may be added in the simmer pan, steam will come out of the lid and a sizzling noise will be heard. This noise is caused by a little ball inside the lid, which serves as a safety valve.

Heat Resistant Handle with Lid
Heat resistant handle in bakelite with water level indicator.  Easy filling of the double wall, thanks to the opening button on top of the handle.  Steram will come out of the samll opening once the water inside the walls is boiling.  Food can then be slowly and safetly heated in the Bain Marie.

Inner Capacity Marks
No more need for a measuring jug thanks to the inner capacity marks.  Read off the exact volume quickly and easily from the scale on the inside of the product.

Encapsulated Sandwich Base
This means that a layer of aluminum is encapsulated between two layers of stainless steel, giving you an optimal heat conduction and distribution.  The advantage is that the aluminum can't be attacked by aggressive detergents, so that there will be no white corrosion spots on the base.