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de Buyer Kobra V19.3 Slicer w/Pusher - Black - 2011.00
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de Buyer Kobra V19.3° Slicer w/Pusher - 2011.00
Stainless steel and polymer composite.
V-shaped blade: the blade penetrates the product easily
Optimised cutting angle at 19.3°
Cuts easily and perfectly all fruits and vegetables, even the softest ones (tomatoes, pears, pineapples, etc)
Micro-serration of the blade enables the thinest cut of fruit/vegetable with skin and preserves their flesh composition.
The stainless upper plate allows the sliding of the food for an easy movement
Easy thickness adjustment mechanism : the thumb wheel integrated at the end of the handle allows the adjustment of the thickness up to 5 mm and the upper plate remains parallel to the blade.
Ergonomic non-skid handle for a natural and secure grip.
Protective pusher made of polypropylene: no contact with the blade, during use. The hand-held pusher actually pushes the food toward the blades. The interior pushing plate of the pusher has prongs and pins to secure the food in place.
Made in France