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de Buyer La Mandoline Ultra w/Plastic Pusher - 2012.00
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de Buyer La Mandoline Ultra w/Plastic Pusher - 2012.00
de Buyer Mandoline Ultra w/Plastic Pusher - 2012.00
Made of foodgrade stainless steel and polymer composites. Satin polished stainless steel.
Horizontale double-blade made of high-quality cutlery stainless steel.
Julienne blades made of heavy duty professional stainless steel.
Good grip thanks to the ergonomic pusher and comfortable handle thanks to the TPE coating under the handle.
Large capacity of the receptable : more products are cut in a single time.
Quick inserting the blades:
- Easy inserting of the horizontale blade on the side.
- Simplified inserting of the Julienne blades used for Dice, Losange and Julienne cuts.
Even easier slide thanks grooved upper plate: there is less contact between the fruit/vegetable and the plate when cutting
Easy and precise thickness adjustment with markings to indicate the thickness for cubes and for standard cuts.
No direct hand contact with the blades thanks to the pusher and its slider.
Nonslip feet for steady use.
• Dices
• Losanges,
• Slices - Crinkle cuts,
• Julienne cuts
• Waffle cut.
Thickness from ultrafine slices to an 1-cm thickness.
Made in France

• One mandoline with 2 folding feet.
• A double horizontal blade - straight and serrated
• 3 Julienne blades (2-4-10 mm)
• A receptacle/slider and its ergonomic round plastic pusher.
• Plastic box for Julienne blades storage to fit under the body of the Mandoline.