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Beka 14 Pc. Duo Wok Set - 20497000
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Wok set in cast iron for 2 people. The wok comes with a lid, rack and all sorts of accessories, among which 2 porcelain bowls and 2 pair of wooden chop sticks.
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25 cm 20497000
Utensil made from cast iron. Cast iron is most often used on its own or is enameled to seal the cookware and make it attractive. Incredibly durable, cast iron's enormous advantage is its ability to hold heat. Therefore it is often used for woks, tajines, kettles, oven casseroles, etc.
  • wok pan in cast iron
  • lid
  • rack
  • 2 porcelain bowls
  • 2 porcelain saucers
  • 2 porcelain spoons
  • 2 pair of wooden chop sticks
  • 1 pair of wooden serving sticks
  • 1 wooden spatula
  • 1 wooden serving spoon

Stir-fry : fry finely-chopped food rapidly (1 to 2 minutes) over a high flame, stirring continuously from the floor outwards. Meat and vegetables can be cooked separately and then reheated together in the wok and mixed with a sauce.

Braising: cook the food in a sauce, covered and at a low heat. Stir frequently, so that pieces of food do not settle on the bottom.

Deep-frying: cook food coated in batter in cooking oil. Cooking time will depend on the size of the pieces of food. Once the batter has turned a golden colour, remove the food from the oil and drain on kitchen paper.

Wok means "cooking utensil". Woks have been used in China for over 2000 years. It was the only cooking utensil for Chinese peasants who were unable to afford anything else. Nowadays it is not only used for Asian cookery, but also for preparing European dishes.

Cooking with a wok has three major advantages : it is quick, cheap and healthy. Thanks to its high, curved sides, the wok allows to cook food uniformly with very little fat. That is why food prepared in the wok contains few calories and cholesterol, except when it is deep-fried. In addition, foodstuffs fried over a high fire, as in the wok, maintain their colour, their taste and their nutritional qualities. And finally, a wok is easy to clean : if you have a steel wok, you can simply clean it with absorbent paper; if your wok is made of cast iron or has a non-stick layer, just rinse it with warm water.