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Microplane Gourmet Salt Shaver Gift Set - Aqua - 36909
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Microplane Gourmet Salt Shaver Gift Set - Aqua - 36909
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Microplane Gourmet Salt Shaver Gift Set - Aqua - 36909
Desiged with both the professional chef and home cook in mind, the expansive, paddle-shaped Microplane Gourmet Series offers ample grating and shaving surface to make fast workout of zesting and shaving foods. Microplane’s new high-performance Sea Salt Shaver is specifically engineered to maintain a sharp blade over an extensive period of use with even the hardest of rock salts.

The Microplane Sea Salt Shaver Set includes a reusable clear plastic storage bottle that holds a generously sized rock of pure Himalayan Pink Salt, hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Guaranteed to be of the highest quality, the Himalayan Pink Salt adds exquisite flavor and enhances flavors and textures of beef, poultry and pork, salads and fresh vegetables, melons and citrus, potatoes and pasta.

Himalayan Pink Salt also enhances fresh fruits, deepening their natural flavors, and balances sweet flavors in many kinds of desserts, including recipes featuring chocolate.

Gift Set Includes:

• Microplane Gourmet Sea Salt Shaver
• A generous sized sampling of all natural Himalayan Pink Sea Salt inside a reusable storage bottle
• Gift Box