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Revol Revolution 3.25 Qt Tajine w/Lid - Satin Black - 642365
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Revol Revolution 3.25 Qt Tajine w/Lid - Satin Black - 642365

Dimensions: Diameter 12.5 inches, Height 8.5"
Capacity: 105 oz.
Good for 8 Servings

- A new proprietary material from Revol with novel composition and properties.
- Higher thermal-shock and mechanical properties than any other type of non-porous culinary ceramic known today.
- Unlike some materials, Revol's new material won't deterioriate naturally with wear and tear (scratches, rust, aging, etc.)
- Since there are no toxic components, Revolution is chemically inert and 100% recyclable.
- Easily cleaned, thanks to it's naturally anti-adhesive enamelled surface.
- Second to none for preparing, simmering, baking and presenting your recipes in a single dish.
- The ideal material to keep your food warm and showcase it attractively at the same time.
- The bold design and wide choice of colors adds exceptional style to the ware.

- Completely nonporous ceramic, absorbs no fats, odours, or bacteria.

- Suitable for all types of heat sources, including induction.

- Goes from freezer to the microwave oven, or from induction or gas heat to a traditional oven, or from the table to the dishwasher.

- Made exclusively of natural components; contains no heavy metals (lead, cadmium) or flourinated coatings (PTFE); emits no volatile organic components when heated.