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All-Clad Electric Griddle - 99014GT
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All-Clad Electric Griddle - 99014GT
Imagine pancakes, eggs, french toast, or grilled cheese sandwiches done to perfection. This electric griddle is sleek and contemporary in design and delivers superb cooking results. The griddle features full metal construction with polished stainless steel exterior, and cast stainless steel handles for easy and secure handling. The generous 20×13" non-stick cooking surface offers enough room to prepare a meal for the entire family. The cook surface has a drainage slot that allows juices to flow into a removable tray for easy clean ups. The griddle has two independent side-by-side adjustable thermostats making it easy to prepare foods requiring different cooking temperatures. Both thermostats offer a wide cooking range from keep warm at 180ºF to sear at 480ºF. The griddle also includes a stainless steel removable anti-splatter guard to help keep your counter area clean.