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Messermeister 12" Ceramic Steel - CR-12F
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Messermeister 12" Ceramic Steel - CR-12F
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Messermeister 12" Ceramic Steel - CR-12F
The combination of industrial strength ceramic and a honing or alignment steel creates one of the best preventative maintenance tools possible for your knife’s edge. Ceramic is very hard and it has a slight abrasive characteristic so it can actually sharpen as it aligns the edge. It also is more forgiving to the knife’s edge because ceramic, due to its granular structure, will break away when a knife's edge passes over it. This also exposes a new fresh surface which is more abrasive and a renewed sharpening medium. It’s the one steel that both sharpens and hones so any minor edge flaws may be corrected by making additional passes.

• Quality Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Ceramic
• 12" Length Optimizes Ease of Use
• ABS Industrial Strength Safety Handle
• Wear Resistant, Light Weight, Non-Porous
• Dual Use for Both Sharpening and Honing
• 100% Messermeister Quality
• Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty