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Haiku Pro
Chroma Haiku Pro - 10 3/4" Sashimi Knife - HP2
Chroma Haiku Pro - 6" Fish Knife - HP5
Chroma Haiku Pro - 6" Utility Knife - HP6
Chroma Haiku Pro - 7 1/4" Veggie Knife - HP3
Chroma Haiku Pro - 8 1/2" Chef Knife - HP1

CHROMA's best range: Handmade HAIKU Pro
CHROMA HAIKU pro are manufactured under the supervision of Master Daikichi. 17 people work to produce top quality knives for the up-scaled professional Japanese market, especially for Sushi masters.

Have you already had experience with Japanese knives, but you are now looking for the ultimate quality blade? Than take a look at HAIKU pro knives. Some of the best Sushi chefs in Japan use HAIKU pro.
Often Imitated -
Only Authentic with the Falcon.