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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Flatware
Henckels 23 PC Vintage 1876 Flatware Set - 275th Commemorative - 22772-323
Henckels 3 PC Argo Completer Set - 22718-703
Henckels 3 PC Arona Serving Set - 22707-603
Henckels 3 PC Corvus Serving Set - 22702-603
Henckels 3 PC Helia Serving Set - 22717-603
Henckels 3 PC Lustre Serving Set - 22803-603
Henckels 3 PC Meteo Serving Set - 22706-603
Henckels 3 PC Pavo Serving Set - 22703-603
Henckels 3 PC Royal Court Serving Set - 22804-603
Henckels 3 PC Trialon Serving Set - 22805-603
Henckels 3 PC Vela Serving Set - 22704-603
Henckels 45 PC Angelico Flatware Set - 22773-345
Henckels 45 PC Bellasera Flatware Set - 22774-345
Henckels 45 PC Opus Flatware Set - 22770-345
Henckels 45 PC Provence Flatware Set - 22748-345
Henckels 45 PC Vintage 1876 Flatware Set - 275th Commemorative - 22772-345
Henckels 5 PC Arona Place Setting - 22707-305
Henckels 5 PC Corvus Place Setting - 22702-305
Henckels 5 PC Helia Place Setting - 22717-305
Henckels 5 PC Lustre Place Setting - 22803-305
Henckels 5 PC Meteo Place Setting - 22706-305
Henckels 5 PC Pavo Place Setting - 22703-305
Henckels 5 PC Royal Court Place Setting - 22804-305
Henckels 5 PC Trialon Place Setting - 22805-305
Henckels 5 PC Vela Place Setting - 22704-305
Henckels 42 Pc Bejewel Flatware Set - 22793-342

Flatware - Classic Styling and Timeless Designs Superior Quality from One of the World's Leading Cutlery Manufacturers
From the makers of the World's Finest Cutlery since 1731 comes the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS Flatware Collection. Classic styling, timeless European design and larger, elegant continental size will grace any table with style for many years to come. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, every piece of the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS Flatware Collection is heavy gauge for maximum strength, added durability and that special feel of quality. Influenced by our expertise in craftsmanship of fine cutlery, every knife in our collection features a unique handle design for better balance and a comfortable grip. The finely honed extra sharp blades provide superior cutting performance.
Our Commitment to Quality
1. Each piece of flatware should feel comfortable in your hand, providing the perfect combination of weight and balance.

2. The pattern design should be clean and detailed. It should also provide continuity from the handle to the bowl of the spoon, blade of the knife or heel of the fork.

3. Each piece of flatware should be ground and polished to a smooth, lustrous finish. Edges must be soft and smooth, but the design should remain sharp and detailed.

4. Beautiful flatware must also be functional. Knives should cut sharply and precisely; forks and spoons large enough to make serving and eating a pleasure, not a chore. Our larger, continental size is more elegant than standard size flatware.