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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Miyabi 7000 MC

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Miyabi 7000 MC Series - Simply Sharp
To achieve the desired sharpness, traditional Japanese knives had to be made from high carbon steel. While it could be made sharp, this material required frequent polishing and daily oiling to prevent rust and corrosion. Today, with the arrival of MicroCarbide powder steel (Mc66); knives can be made just as sharo in a stainless steel, eliminating many of the daily maintenance requirements.
BLADE - Miyabi 7000 MC knives are constructed with a MicroCarbide core(approximately 66° Rockwell), wrapped in layers of stainless steel. This 3-layered clad construction provides the optimal balance of strength with corrosion and breakage resistance. With MC66 at its core, the blade starts extremely sharp, has long-lasting edge retention and is easy to sustain.
HANDLE - The traditional "D shape" handle is the key to effortless finger-tip control. Elegantly styled from stainless steel and Micarta(a multi-layered synthetic compound of linen and synthetic resins), MIYABI has perfect weight and balance.