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Chroma Haiku Pro - 6 1/2" Japanese Cleaver - HP4
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Chroma Haiku Pro - 6 1/2" Japanese Cleaver - HP4
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One of Japan's best knives! Hand finished in Sakai - bearing the seal of the SAKAI Association. According to old tradition, the elaborate production of Chroma Haiku Pro knives takes place in four small, specialized workshops of Mr. Hirotsugu. In order to make traditional SAKAI knives like the Chroma Haiku Pro, Master Ebuchi Kouhei works with two types of steel: one extremely hard, high carbon "Hagane" steel comprises the blade's cutting edge, while a softer steel lends support to the sharp steel blade. The two types of steel are forged and combined together. The name "HAIKU" is hammered by hand into the blade. Thereafter, the blade receives the HAIKU Falcon. With correct care, these works of art can be passed on to subsequent generations. These knives are not made of stainless steel and require particular care.