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All-Clad Electric Grill/Griddle - TG806C51
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All-Clad Electric Grill/Griddle - TG806C51
This electric grill/griddle features removable die-cast aluminum grill and griddle plates, so it can be used as a full grill or half grill/half griddle to prepare a wide range of meals. Whether you're grilling vegetables for dinner or making pancakes for breakfast, the removable grill and griddle plates make this an essential kitchen appliance. The 1700-watt grill/griddle and embedded heating elements provides efficient and even heating, while the wide temperature range and two independent thermostats allow you to control the heat for both sides of the cooking surface. The wide temperature range offers options from "keep warm" (180F) to "sear" (450F). Removable, dishwasher-safe parts cut down your cleanup time in the kitchen and the stainless steel finish makes this grill/griddle an attractive addition to your countertop.